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About IB

Our VISION          To be the Bank of Choice in the banking industry in Liberia

Our MISSION       To be the Premier Bank in Liberia utilizing superior human capital, technology and innovative                                   ideas to best serve our clients.


International Bank (Liberia) Limited has been providing quality banking services to the Liberian community for over 50 years. Formerly, known as International Trust Company (ITC), ITC was established in 1947 by an act of legislature to manage the Liberian maritime program. ITC opened its commercial banking department in 1960 to handle customers account, money transfers and provide credit facilities, and in 2000 became a standalone commercial bank, adopting the name - International Bank (Liberia) Limited.

Over the years, IB has provided excellent and unparalleled 1st class services to its customers and is committed to empowering Liberians and playing its role in the building of the nation.

Visit any of our branches today and experience why IB is Liberia’s leading Bank and the bank of choice for most Liberians today.

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Compliance Policy

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