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O. Natty B. Davis, II


Former Chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC), Government of Liberia, Mr. Davis led efforts of the Government to encourage, promote and coordinate investment activities in the country. As Chairman of the NIC he also chaired the Inter-Ministerial Concession Committee, the apex body of the Government responsible for leading all large investment negotiations on behalf of the country.

With over ten years of distinguished public service at the highest level of the Liberian Government, in January 2014 Mr. Davis returned to the private sector and commenced associating with Devin Corporation; Consultants and Investment Advisors - a firm he co-founded in 1992. In June of 2016 Mr. Davis once again assumed the role of Managing Director of Devin a position he previously held when the firm was founded in 1992.

Mr. Davis has also served as Minister of State without Portfolio, the senior advisor to the President Johnson-Sirleaf on economic management and governance frameworks. He worked closely with line ministries to advance priority areas such as health, education, and infrastructure. In this capacity, he was the National Coordinator of the Liberia Reconstruction and Development Committee secretariat and led national donor coordination and formulation and implementation of Liberia’s first Poverty Reduction Strategy. He also established and led the operations of Liberia’s Philanthropy Secretariat. Liberia is credited as being the only Government in the world to have established such a body in the Presidency. Since the Secretariat’s establishment in 2007, over US$ 50 million has been raised through philanthropy to support the country’s health and education sectors in addition to strengthening civil society capacity.

Mr. Davis has served as Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and as coordinator of the Ministry of Finance’s Economic Financial Management Committee. In addition, prior to returning to Liberia in 2003, Mr. Davis consulted extensively outside of Liberia in the United States, Eastern and Southern Africa.