Today is February 23, 2018
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Internet Banking


IB offers professional employment to professionals and competent individuals in various aspects of Banking and related services.

IB is an equal opportunity employer and accepts applications on an ongoing basis for available positions. All applicants must have a minimum education requirement of a bachelor’s/first degree.  Applications are reviewed by the Human Resources Department.

IB is currently hiring for the following positions:



IB offers University students the opportunity to learn from professionals in the field of banking through internship programs. IB internships are usually three to six months.  Internship applicants are encouraged to apply at least one month prior to their desired internship start date. Internship applications must also include a referral letter from applicant’s Dean of College.

If you are interested in any of the above listed position(s), please send a cover letter and your CV to:

Attn: HR Manager
International Bank (Liberia) Limited
64 Broad Street
Monrovia- Liberia

or by email:

Due to the volume of inquiries received, only qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.